What I packed: Hospital Bag for Baby #3!

Hospital Bag Packing 101!


AHHHH! It’s almost time. I feel like the last 9 months have flown by and I can’t believe I’m going to have another baby! I wanted to share what you REALLY need in your hospital bag because after doing this two times…I know the drill ladies! If there’s anything you think I’ve missed let me know and add in comments.

Keep in mind there are a few items that I have on here that are strictly for C-sections ((but they are lifesavers)) so if you know you are having a section, get them!!

Here we go:

For Baby:

Honestly, the hospital provides SO much. Diapers, wipes (basically use a cloth with water), vaseline, little tops for them to wear while in the hospital, receiving/swaddle blankets, etc. So you honestly don’t need a lot.

Just a going home outfit including a hat-I usually pack 2 or 3. One in Newborn, and one in 0-3 months because you don’t know how big they are going to be! My last two boys were almost 9 lb but did fit into NB for the first week. I also pack 2 of the NB outfits because tbh they poop so much that sometimes they might get poop on their outfit before you actually leave ha! It happened to me with Max so I am glad I packed two outfits!

I pack these swaddles because I am not great at swaddling. They have velcro and are super easy to use, especially when you get home and you don’t have the nurses help 24-7! I also pack paci’s for the way home, and I packed this baby shusher-it was great with Seb when he was a baby. Nothing worse than baby crying in the car!

Also, I love Little Giraffe blankets—they are so warm and cuddly (pricy but I got as a gift and LOVE). I also splurged and bought these little Ugg boots for him because its so cold :) . When you leave, be sure to bring diapers, vaseline, receiving blankets home with you (they are great for wiping spit up, spraying and leaking boobs…for everything lol) Basically what I’m saying is take stuff from the hospital home with you!!!


For Mama

OK, so as I said earlier I might pack a tad bit more because I am in the hospital longer/have a few extra products but I think its always better to be prepared!

  1. Most important item: nipple cream. Yall don’t even KNOW how sore the girls are gonna get. I plan on doing a post on breastfeeding (fingers crossed this guy latches smoothly) to give my tips. Its SO HARD the first 2 weeks. You are so tired, boobs hurt, and everytime they latch it feels like a thousand needles! USE THE NIPPLE CREAM. every time after you nurse!!!

  2. Comfy Jammies-I ordered these. They are so soft and comfy and run pretty big. Great for nursing.

  3. Warm socks-hospitals can be cold!

  4. Slippers-these are the uggs I have.

  5. Nursing Bras- I have the Cake lingerie bra and its great for nighttime and right when your milk is coming in. My all time favorite are the Ollie Gray’s Bras! Great support, cute, easy to use, comfy!

  6. Nursing Tanks- easy access and can be layered!

  7. Boppy Pillow- my tried and true boppy makes nursing soooo much easier. I bring this with me to the hospital. I coulden’t have lived without this nursing my two boys each for over a year.

  8. Diaper Bag- I love my skip hop bag. I even get compliments when I’m not with the kids. They have other colors, but I’m obsessed with this mauve color. Tons of compartments to keep things organized and has a back area for laptop/ipads/magazines!

  9. Makeup wipes & My travel size Tula products

  10. Flip flops for using the shower!

  11. Super long iphone charger for hospital room (and when you go home and you’re stuck under a sleeping baby! lol)

  12. Going home outfit: I love this flowy three dots top (I’ve shared before), and the Nordstrom wrap top is great too (I will be wearing to hospital). My anthro joggers are still in stock and prob what I’ll be wearing home. My Steve Madden sneaks are super fun and easy to get on and off!

  13. I love these basic nursing tops from asos- I packed one of these for the hospital.

  14. Fuji instax camera- for instant photos of the babe!

  15. Leopard print comfy joggers from H & M! So fun and I live in them right now…will be wearing to hospital!

  16. C Section items: The C-Panty are great for postpartum incision healing. They are WORTH THE PRICE. They have a silicone spot to go over your incision so there isn’t any rubbing or irritation, and they have compression in them as well. I have 3-4 pairs and wore them every day for the first 2 weeks. Keep in mind you might not need them at the hospital just because you’ll be wearing the hospital granny underwear (and want to wear the granny underwear because…yeah…lots going on down there yikes).

    I also ALWAYS wear a Belly Bandit Postpartum. THIS definitely helped my stomach go down and gave me support through the midsection (you are like the pilsbury dough boy after giving birth! Stomach is mush!!! LOL)

    .I swear you can see a difference in wearing it for just like 6 hours. I’ve also purchased for the first time the Belly Bandit C Section Panty version-I’m hoping this is more comfy for my C-section while giving me the compression and support that the Belly Bandit gave me for the first week or so when my incision is so fresh and healing.

  17. I pack my own hospital gowns for post surgery. If you are delivering natural, you can wear these from the get go! I love that they are cute, but the back is CLOSED. Also, they have snap buttons on the sides to make it really easy to nurse. Usually that first day I don’t even get dressed so I just throw this on and feel totally covered and at least somewhat cute. I do have to wear the hospital provided gown for my surgery for obvious reasons. (scroll down and I linked the one I have comes in tons of designs)

  18. I always have my Medela pump readily available incase baby doesn’t latch, along with my fave nursing pads for leaking. I also pack a latch assister from Lanisoh- my left boob happens to be a bit harder for my babies to latch on to so it just pulls it out. Sorry TMI but I thought I would share because you never know if someone else is having the same problem! I also pack a nipple shield (sometimes I need this for my left boob as well. See below for all of these products! I linked all these below on amazon.


A few other things to pack:

-Towel (the towels are always small at the hospital so i always bring one of my own!)
-Any snacks you need/want
-Computer/Ipad, charger
-Water Bottle- Water is crucial for recovery as well as for breastfeeding!!
-Hair ties- these are my tried and trues!!
-I linked my suitcase here. It is great for organization, 4 way roller, and I get compliments every time I travel with it!!
I totally recommend bringing home everything from the hospital like PADS (they are huge and amazing lol), granny underwear that they provide, bath sitzer if you give birth vaginally…) Trust me!!!

I also plan on running to Target today to get little bags from the Dollar section and filling it with snacks/goodies for the nurses! Those nurses are your besties! Look after them!!

I hope this post helped you guys pack for your trip to the hospital!



Change, 38 weeks Pregnant & Saturday Spotlight

38 weeks Pregnant….Change….& Saturday Spotlight


Change. The only thing that is constant in life.

I just dropped the boys off at the airport and I was literally dying inside. All thats been on my mind the last few days is how different everything is going to be when they get back. I’ve been trying to soak in my mornings with Seb while Max is at school, family dinners and breakfasts…ahhhh. Not going to lie, pretty much in tears when I went to the car. Knowing the changes ahead of us, that nothing will be the same, how did this all go so fast??! I know they’re going to have a blast (my oldest was up at 5:20 am ready to go LOL) but its never easy in these moments knowing tons of changes are coming your way. I’m so excited; yet scared, anxious, sad, so many emotions. Here’s to our new normal of a family of 5!

That’s not to say a small part of me is basking in the fact that In the next few days I don’t need to bend over with my huge bump 83939 times a day to change diapers…or pick up toys, put toys together lol, put shoes, coats, gloves, on/take off my toddler, etc. haha.

Or the fact that I’m on no timeline. WHAT? I don’t have to be home at a certain time for the kids or bring them everywhere. So foreign to me.

But still….miss them so much already.

6 am bright and early ready for sunshine and Mickey Mouse with their grandparents!!!!

6 am bright and early ready for sunshine and Mickey Mouse with their grandparents!!!!

So…for now I’m going to distract myself with a fun post about my 10 faves of the week!

Saturday Spotlight

things I’m loving right now….

  1. DYSON BLOWDRYER. Um yes. Yall. This is life changing. I have super thick hair and I swear I put off my whole hair washing process till the last possible moment cause it takes forrrrever. And also #momlife and I’m slightly lazy abt it haha. I got the dyson blowdryer for Christmas (just the basic one) and honestly I can’t say enough about it. I know its a huge investment…but if you have thick hair and are super busy (who isn’t??!!) you need this. Also, if you have to wash your hair a lot (like every day), it is a must have. This blowdryer has made my hair way softer than my old dryer, my blowout lasts longer and honestly it is SO quiet and dries my hair in like 5 minutes (and I have sooo much hair).

2. I love this Gleaming Heart Roadtrip sweater for Valentines Day and its almost 50% on the rack!

3. This Topshop Belted dress has been on my wishlist for like…weeks now and its under $50

4. This Abercrombie Long Turtleneck sweater is 50% and comes in a ton of colors…

5. This purple pom beanie from Abercombie is so stinking cute and unique and the price is SO good.

6. I’m a sucker for stripes and need to snag a few of these AERIE striped tees for postpartum and layering.

7. Isle of Paradise Self Tanner: I have super fair skin and love to have color. I was never good at finding a good self tanner. Over the last year I’ve liked the Josie Maran Argan Gold but it does get on your clothes/sheets after application if you go to bed after and I wish it lasted longer. Enter Isle of Paradise tanning water (or the drops I heard are really good). I AM OBSESSED. It doesn’t leave any residue on my sheets after application, its SUPER Dark, lasts for 3-5 days, doesn’t come off on my clothes and it has a slight smell but honestly the next day I can’t even smell it. It took me one application to figure out how to use it and make sure it was even. All of my posts lately I’ve had it on. Its a MUST. FYI I use Dark.

8. The double up Ardell lashes are my new fave- add soooo much volume!

9. This Jcrew factory pom hat is GOALS. Can you tell I love my winter hats? Also comes in black/pink!!

10. I’m on the hunt for nursing friendly clothes and this ruffle trim wrap top from Jcrew factory is perfect…and feminine. I also love their tissue turtlenecks. Save 50% off on 2 or more items, 60% off on 3 or more items, and 70% off 4 or more items from clearance!! YAS.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.



37 weeks, Third Trimester Workouts & Athleisure Sale picks!

37 Week Bumpdate & Third Trimester Workouts!


Hey all! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Hard to believe I have less than 2 weeks left of pregnancy! As I’m sure some of you saw, I shared that I went for my last pregnancy run a few weeks ago. I wanted to keep you all updated with what I’ve been doing workout wise the last 8-10 weeks as I finish my third trimester. I’ve definitely been doing a lot of walking, swimming, and elliptical since I’ve stopped running 2 weeks ago. I’ve been still getting some accessory work in the gym in, but only about twice a week.

December was pretty rough for me, I’m not going to lie. Both of my kids started off the month being sick, which then turned into back-to-back ear infections that basically lasted all the way until Christmas. At least one of the boys was sick (sometimes both) between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Any parent knows it is so hard to see their child not feeling well, especially for long periods of time. My little guy was so sick for a good 10 days and then had an ear infection that took two rounds of antibiotics! It was so stressful, I felt so bad. To top it it off it was around the holidays with so much to do, and being so pregnant.

I was exhausted. I definitely went through a period where I felt so much pressure from the baby, a few contractions and just felt so run down and in a lot of pain. This also coincided with when my husband was away for work for 4 days..because…why woulden’t it? LOL. #typical

When your kids are sick they can be ((even more )) so demanding and every ounce of your energy goes towards trying to make them feel as comfortable as possible. I know for a fact that the reason why I felt so horrible and run down was because of the stress of the boys being sick, being up at night with them, dr’s appointments, and just being on demand 24-7 even more so than a normal mommin day!

Other than that, I’m definitely feeling alllll of the last month feels. Heavy, pressure, so SWOLLEN…. nothing fits…SLEEP has been absolutely HORRIBLE. My hips ache, my back from the way I’m sleeping no matter how many pillows I use. And if I happen to be comfortably, I am up with preggo insomnia! I can’t win! LOL!!

Up until about 31 or 32 weeks, I felt really good (as evidenced by my workouts). You’ll be able to see the trend of when I started to not feel as good and my workouts trail off, or lessen in intensity/speed.

Weight wise I’m on track to gain similar amount to what i gained with my first (between 30-35 lbs. With my second I gained a little bit more, closer to 38-42 lbs. I’m currently right at 34 lbs gained with about 9 or 10 days maximum to go before I deliver.

I don’t have any special cravings, aversions, or anything crazy like that. I’m planning on doing a whole post highlighting my pregnancy diet because I do get a few questions on that.

We do have a name picked out, and on Monday we are going to tour the hospital we are delivering at (it is a brand new hospital, my two other boys delivered at the old hospital). Things are getting SO REAL.

As you guys know I keep it real with everything…weight gain, how I’m really feeling, and even this photo below. I don’t love it because I am getting so swollen and big but it is REAL and thats what counts.


Things still on my checklist: (in bold are items I plan on sharing on the blog with you all!!)

-Finish packing hospital bag (I’ve ordered everythng I need, I just need it to come in!!)
-Move my youngest across to his new big boy room

-Bring down all my baby clothes
-Bring down baby gear (will have hubby do this when we get home)
-Do some meal planning and freezing of recipes (my goal will be to have 5-6 meals for the first couple weeks)
-Stock up at Trader Joes

And now, before I share my third trimester workouts, In honor of ALMOST being out of maternity clothes (can I get a heckkkkk ya?!!!) I wanted to share some athleisure picks of mine that I am totally coveting right now!!!

Saturday Sale: Activewear for the New Year!

Keep in mind all the Old Navy gear is either 20% off additionally, or there is a flash sale price for today- like either $7, 12 or 15!!! Hurry and snag your goods now!!!

This grey pullover is so cute, versatile and is $22 w/ an additional 20% off! | These compression legging are $12. Love the colorblock! | Under $20 for these fun leggings | I am so obssessed with EVERY version of these tanks and they are legit $7!! And add another 20% …are you kidding me?? | Cute cropped top to wear with high rise leggings | Love me some mesh high rise tights and for the price you can’t beat it! | Another pair of compression tight! Love the floral print of these | Cozy wrap to wear over your tank or top to and from your workout | Basic tank | Moto legging for the win | Lululemon scarf for under $30! | I have been in love with this lululemon hat and its finally on sale! | I love the length of these lulu shorts and they are on sale for under $40! |This gym bag from Athleta is so unique and on sale…NEED!!! | Shimmer tight on sale from Athleta…yessss | I love the hot pink of these tights and on sale! | I have these Athleta tights and LOVE them. The colors, and print! On sale. ALSO THEY HAVE A POCKET!!! #winning. Can’t wait to wear them after the bump!!

Third Trimester Workout Update:

29 weeks: (+27 lb)

Sunday: 3 mile run; 9:32 /mile
Monday: Lower Lift
Tuesday: 30 min lift, 1.5 mile walk
Wednesday: off-tons of walking in NYC
Thursday: 4 mile run in NYC; 10:03/mile
Friday: 30 min elliptical
Saturday: off

30 weeks: (+29 lb)

Sunday: Run 3 miles, 9:34/mile
Monday: Lower lift, 25 min walk
Tuesday: 3 miles, 9:34/mile
Wednesday: 3 mile run, 9:39/mile
Thursday: Upper lift, 15 min walk
Friday: 3.3 mile run, 10:14/mile. 30 min lower lift.
Saturday: off

31 weeks: +29 lbs

Sunday: off
Monday: 3 mile run, 9:55/mile
Tuesday: 30 min elliptical
Wednesday: lower lift, 2 mile run
Thursday: 35 min swim
Friday:2 mile walk, lower lift
Saturday: off

32 Weeks: +30 lbs

Sunday: 3 mile run 9:34/mile
Monday: 3 mile, 9:47/mile , 30 min lift
Tuesday: 2.5 mile walk
Wednesday: 35 min elliptical, 30 min lift
Thursday: 30 min walk, lower lift
Friday: 2 mile walk
Saturday: stroller run, 3 miles. both boys! 11:24/mile

33 weeks: (+30 lb)

Sunday: off
Monday: 40 min swim
Tuesday 30 min lift
Wednesday: 3 miles, 9:49/mile
Thursday: Lift
Friday: 3 miles, 10:40/mile
Saturday: 3 mile walk

34 weeks (+31 lbs)

Sunday: 3 miles, 11:16/mile
Monday: 3 mile walk
Tuesday: 35 min elliptical, 25 min lift
Wednesday: 35 min swim
Thursday: 3 mile run, 11:40/mile
Friday: 2 mile walk
Saturday: Off

35 weeks: (+31 lbs)

Sunday: off
Monday: 30 min swim
Tuesday: 2 mile walk
Wednesday: 30 min walk, 35 min swim
Thursday: off
Friday: 40 min swim
SaturdayL off

36 weeks:( +33.5 lbs)

Sunday: 2.5 miles, 11:46/mile LAST RUN!!!
Monday: 30 min swim
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 35 min swim
Thursday: 35 min elliptical, lower lift
Friday: 35 min swim
Saturday: off

37 weeks: (+34 lbs)

Sunday: off
Monday: 40 min elliptical, 30 min lift
Tuesday : 40 min lift, 2.25 mile walk
Wednesday: 40 min swim
Thursday: 2.17 mile walk
Friday: 30 min swim

Have a great weekend everyone! xo


#SundaySpotlight & 6 Months pregnant update

6 Months Pregnant??!


First of all ... Outfit Deets: Dress comes in a ton of colors (got it on amazon..#primeforthewin). It is NON maternity, I got a size small. It’s kind of boho/flowy but I love the print. Shoes are not shown in photo but I have them in brown (on the widget they are white) and I LOVE them. They are also 40% off right now and Free shipping from Nordys. Lastly, my hat comes in brown or black and I think its just an awesome universal piece that anyone can rock!! I also linked my new Estee Lauder foundation I’ve been using and the lashes I use ((I got some questions about this..I do NOT get extensions, I just use falsies :) ))

Secondly…I’m SIX months pregnant. Like how did that even happen? When they say it flies the third time around they are seriously not kidding! I feel so busy with work, and the kids, that I don’t even have time to know what size fruit or vegetable the baby is the size of! Lol! 

Even though I’m just closing in on 25 weeks, I’m already starting to feel uncomfortable more often. Sleeping is definitely getting harder, and I feel like the bump has doubled in size the last week or two! I get restless legs at the end of the day and I’m closely approaching the moment where anything on the ground becomes completely dead to me. There isn’t much worth bending over for. Ha. Maybe a $100 bill? Lol 

Some of my clothing is off limits now too...so upward and onward to more maternity clothes!!! I’ll be sharing my faves (I finally found some go-to maternity jeans and really good quality leggings) and I’m doing a fun collab with a great company in the next two weeks. Stay tuned! 

Fitness wise running has felt good, but only early in the morning. I can’t have anything in my stomach or else it is just not comfortable and I don’t enjoy it. I’m still shooting for 3 times a week and 3 times a week for weights. In the weight room I definitely feel my limitations increasing every week but I’m just rolling with it! 

Weight wise I’m at EXACTLY the same weight gain as I was with Seb. Sometimes I think no matter what you do, your body is going to do what it needs to do to grow your baby. I look at photos of me even when I was like 6 or 7 weeks pregnant (see below photo ha) and I’m like who is that miniature person? Lol. It is crazy what the human body does!! 


Next up I have my glucose testing when hubby and I get back from a getaway/babymoon (YASS!!!) next week so hopefully all goes well! I’ll be sharing more about our destination but for now just know it’s “across the pond”!! 💃✈️


I wanted to share a few things that I am LOVING right now! Scroll down and you can click on either the link or the photo all the way at the bottom of the blog :)

Sunday Spotlight

Scroll down to see all photos/links of any products

Happy Birthday (Friday) to my big 2 year old!!

Happy Birthday (Friday) to my big 2 year old!!

We had a great time at Seb’s 2nd Birthday party last night!

We had a great time at Seb’s 2nd Birthday party last night!

  1. My babies 2nd birthday. Again, how has time moved this quickly and he is now a 2 year old? This little guy brightens our day and is such a bright, goofy, energetic, smart little cookie! Happy birthday to my little (((not so much))) baby! 

  2. This Abercrombie pullover. SALE ALERT people!! I’m officially obsessed. This top is definitely a little oversized which is 👌🏻👌🏻for me right now! It’s really warm, but not frumpy which I love. I have a size small (I probs could have ordered a XS pre -pregnancy but I chose the slightly bigger fit) and I’ll be ordering up to a medium or large to fit me all the way through my pregnancy. It’s on sale right now ($40) and perfect for cooler fall mornings/ evenings and winter!!  Also…yes I know you’re thinking Abercrombie? But really..lately they have had some really cute stuff!!!

  3. 90s hair clips. I recently just snagged some of these at the dollar store and let’s talk about how great they are for sectioning hair while braiding or blow drying. Also, they are awesome for around the house when you want to give your hair a break from hair ties. I just twist the back and throw it into the clip as an “up do”. Also.. no weird lines or crimps in your hair and it’s out of your face.. and anything that prolongs a blowout is like gold to me! #winning! Check out this adorable toirtoise one as well…from Anthro, one of my faves!

  4. TULA products. I feel like I’ve finally been sucked in to the TULA skincare line but I’m really loving it. It’s a probiotic line of skincare and I really like the results I’ve seen from the cleanser and day and night cream. My skin is SO soft after using the cleanser and I feel like its been brighter since I started using it. I’m still using my La Mer SPF moisturizer but I’m loving some of the TULA line to complement it. To try it out, you can use my code: https://share.tula.com/x/Spk1zQ for 20% off on your first order! I highly recommend it.

  5. My Gorjana star necklace. Seb broke mine months ago and I finally reordered it during the Shopbop sale. I’m so happy I have it back; it’s so cute, pairs with anything and everything and is super light weight so when I’m working out I don’t need to take it off (I ain’t got time for that!!) It would also make a great gift for those that have birthdays or if you’re even thinking holidays already :) 

  6. I know microblading is all the rage right now, but pretty sure that’s off limits while pregnant. Woof. But I have been LOVING this Anastasia’s brow pencil. Brows and lashes make all the difference (esp for blondes!!!) and I’m at the point now where I feel like I can’t go a day without it! It frames my face and is super easy to use. Honestly.i knew nothing about brows and after watching some YouTube/ insta stories and I’ve gotten so much more comfortable with it! 

  7. Pizza. I’ve had it twice in the last 12 days and it makes me so. so. Happy. 

  8. Last but not least GIMME ALL THE FALL DECOR!!! How cute are these adorable scarecrow pumpkin figurines and metallic pumpkins from target. LOVE. Happy fall y’all. 

Hope you all have an awesome Sunday! Xo Alex