How I keep my fitness routine on family vacations

How I keep my fitness routine on family vacations


Hi friends! Coming to you LIVE from a quick little getaway in florida during our “fall recess”.

I wanted to touch base on traveling & how I fit fitness in while on vacation! Before I had kids, it was pretty easy to fit working out in while traveling! Now…it’s a whole different ball game.

Travel with kids is something I really can’t even describe! Basically, it’s the most amazing thing but also the most exhausting! You need a vacation from your vacation LOL. Just thinking about packing for a family vacation legit gives me anxiety (especially now with 3 kids lol!!). It can be really tough, especially with little ones that miss naps, and don’t understand a change in environment.

However, I can honestly assure you that taking the family vacation, however exhausting it can be, is ALWAYS worth it. It’s kind of like child birth at times…the journey to get there is supperrrr painful (read: babies screaming the whole time on the flight) but more than worth it when you smell that salty ocean air.

Speaking of prep work before a vacation…one of the biggest vaca prep I hear about is people hitting up the gym before their vacation so they look and feel great on their vacations. This is AWESOME. Motivation comes in so many different ways, and I’m cool with whatever gets you motivated to become more healthy, and fit. Motivation doesn’t always need to come from pure intention. REAL TALK: A third of my workouts are fueled by this.

BUT what happens when you get to your hotel, resort, cruise, all-inclusive? SO many drop their activity levels when they’re on vacation and let loose on their nutrition …because they’re “on vacation” or “because I deserve it”. I’m totally with you. You do deserve to live a little. BUT making sure you’re active every day during vacation can go a LONG way in continuing your progress/routine when you get back home. Half of the battle is staying on schedule throughout your vaca so that when you get home, you hit the ground running!

It can be tough especially if you don’t have help on the trip (we never usually have help or a babysitter)but IMO nothing is more important than your health!!


Here’s a few tips I try to live by when going on vacation:

1.     Research before you go: Be smart about your hotel selection. Nobody has an endless budget, but there are a lot of hotels with decent gyms. All it takes is 30 minutes to get a good sweat in. I look for hotels with 24 hour access to gyms that have free weights-there is so much you can do with those. Also, you can find a hotel that has a path nearby for running/walking, and sometimes I call ahead to see if there are side walks.

2.     BYO: Bring your own. If its impossible to find a hotel with a gym in your location/price range…Bring your own. Bands and body weight exercises can be an awesome, easy way to incorporate training. And, bands take up very little space. I also pack my own protein powder with me as well as protein bars so I’m prepared for snacks on the go! Also, running, walking (and swimming if hotel has a pool) are easy ways to get exercise.

3.     Diet: The biggest tip I could give to anyone (especially moms with kids) is stay somewhere with a fridge and microwave. This way you can store healthy snacks. Even better? Stay in a hotel with a kitchen, or rent a house. Cooking on your own isn’t very vacation like, but you would be surprised at how much healthier you eat just having breakfast and lunch at home is, then eating all three meals out. We always find hotels or apartments that have full kitchens and stock up at local grocery stores. We tend to have breakfast and lunch at home and some days cook & some days go out!

4.     Balance: Speaking of diet, balance is key. Enjoy those tacos or pizza, but the next meal balance it out with chicken or salmon. Also, using those extra carbs to fuel (and feel GREAT) is the best part of eating them. I always find my runs post pizza/pasta I feel SO good.

5.     Make the time: Its funny to think that most people make the priority when their lives are the busiest (at home, working, daily grind) BUT when they’re on vacation (and have all the time in the world) they let it all slide. There’s 24 hours in a day, and you will prioritize something if its important!

6.     Find things to do that include activity: Sure, nothing wrong with having a beach afternoon or a pool day in the shade, but there’s something to be said for exploring a new place by going on a walk, finding a local playground for the kids, looking for a hiking trail, or swimming instead of lounging. One of my favorite things to do is run in a new neighborhood/right when we get into a new hotel. You learn so much more about the area if you’re not in a car! You don’t need to be a slave to the gym on vacation! Vary up your activity.

7.     The 50-50 rule: A good way to approach vacation workouts is try to do a “workout” half of the days you’re there. The other days, be intentional about moving more. I think we can all commit to working out 3 or 4 days out of 7!!

8.     Plan to succeed: Be intentional and plan your workout with your spouse. For me personally, I love to get my work out before the kids wake (especially a run because I can literally walk out the door). Not a morning person and your kids nap? Get your workout in while they sleep.  I find if I think about when I want to get my workout in the next day based around our schedule the night before, I’m more apt to follow through. Also, when they go to bed is another time I use. There have been times I have gone to a hotel gym for 30 minutes once the kids go to bed. ALSO…if you have school age children going at a time that your kids have to do school work or reading for school is another great time to take advantage of.

9. Something I really do is try and stick to the most important parts of your diet/exercise routine. One piece that I am continuing with while on vacation is my fasting. I am counting macros, just more loosely which allows me to enjoy my vacation more. By still fasting, I know I’ll still make progress even though I’m away!

10. Lastly, don’t beat yourself up!!! If you miss a day or two, no worries!

I hope these tips help you out and keep you on track as you plan for your summer vacation! Hey



FASTer Way to Fat Loss 3 Week Update

FASTer Way to Fat Loss Update


HAPPY MONDAY! Who is ready to get after it this week?!!

I’m officially 3 weeks into the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program and I wanted to share 4 things that have surprised me about the program, and what have been my hottest items at the grocery store the last month!

If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, check out my 4 months postpartum post where I explain a little bit about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program!


4 things that have surprised me the most about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program:

  1. How Quickly I saw results: I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical of the program going into it especially because I’m nursing. BUT I swear that I saw a difference in my body within 5-7 days. I could see changes in my body, clothes fitting better and the crazy thing was…I was eating ALL of the food! This kept me super motivated on and on track! I’m currently halfway through the program, and have lost weight & inches (technically I’m not supposed to weigh myself so shhhh….don’t tell!!But I already have lost a few lbs!)

  2. How easy the intermittent fasting is: I was honestly really worried about skipping breakfast and not eating until noon. Going 16 hours without food seemed pretty much impossible. ha. Can you tell I love food?!! I pretty much was convinced that I might shrivel up and waste away during the 16 hours. lol.

    It’s turned out that intermittent fasting is one of those things that sounds harder than what it actually is (for me anyway). Its really just getting past thinking about eating all the time! In order to make the transition easier, during “prep” week I worked my way up to the 16 hours of fasting. And this is coming from someone who LOVES breakfast. Truthfully, It makes my mornings so easy to not eat and I really feel like its working!

  3. My milk supply has been great: Outside of the intermittent fasting, maintaining my milk supply was probably my biggest concern going into this whole thing. I’m happy to report that MY MILK SUPPLY HAS INCREASED. Guys, I have more milk now than I did before AND I’m getting leaner relatively quickly! I have no issues on low carb OR low macro days. So, this was clearly a pleasant surprise!

  4. Prep week is overwhelming, but after a few days everything becomes second nature: During prep week, I felt a little overwhelmed with info and scared i wasn’t going to be able to manage this. Crazy as it sounds, after a few days, I was starting to take the time to plan the night before (I totally recommend this) and punch everything in to myfitness pal! Remember, knowledge is power! I can’t say enough how much you will learn about fueling your body when you join the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.


The next round starts on July and you can register here: . THIS IS an affiliate link, but please know I didn’t even share the link before I started because I wanted to be sure it was something I could stand behind! I truly love how I feel right now and I’m starting to feel confident that this can get me where I want to be physically WHILE I’m nursing my little guy!

I have another 3 weeks left in the program and I’m excited to see where it will take me! I’ll be sharing my results mid July on the blog including a Q & A on the program.

My current grocery store list:


As always, let me know if you guys have any questions about the program!



37 weeks, Third Trimester Workouts & Athleisure Sale picks!

37 Week Bumpdate & Third Trimester Workouts!


Hey all! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Hard to believe I have less than 2 weeks left of pregnancy! As I’m sure some of you saw, I shared that I went for my last pregnancy run a few weeks ago. I wanted to keep you all updated with what I’ve been doing workout wise the last 8-10 weeks as I finish my third trimester. I’ve definitely been doing a lot of walking, swimming, and elliptical since I’ve stopped running 2 weeks ago. I’ve been still getting some accessory work in the gym in, but only about twice a week.

December was pretty rough for me, I’m not going to lie. Both of my kids started off the month being sick, which then turned into back-to-back ear infections that basically lasted all the way until Christmas. At least one of the boys was sick (sometimes both) between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Any parent knows it is so hard to see their child not feeling well, especially for long periods of time. My little guy was so sick for a good 10 days and then had an ear infection that took two rounds of antibiotics! It was so stressful, I felt so bad. To top it it off it was around the holidays with so much to do, and being so pregnant.

I was exhausted. I definitely went through a period where I felt so much pressure from the baby, a few contractions and just felt so run down and in a lot of pain. This also coincided with when my husband was away for work for 4 days..because…why woulden’t it? LOL. #typical

When your kids are sick they can be ((even more )) so demanding and every ounce of your energy goes towards trying to make them feel as comfortable as possible. I know for a fact that the reason why I felt so horrible and run down was because of the stress of the boys being sick, being up at night with them, dr’s appointments, and just being on demand 24-7 even more so than a normal mommin day!

Other than that, I’m definitely feeling alllll of the last month feels. Heavy, pressure, so SWOLLEN…. nothing fits…SLEEP has been absolutely HORRIBLE. My hips ache, my back from the way I’m sleeping no matter how many pillows I use. And if I happen to be comfortably, I am up with preggo insomnia! I can’t win! LOL!!

Up until about 31 or 32 weeks, I felt really good (as evidenced by my workouts). You’ll be able to see the trend of when I started to not feel as good and my workouts trail off, or lessen in intensity/speed.

Weight wise I’m on track to gain similar amount to what i gained with my first (between 30-35 lbs. With my second I gained a little bit more, closer to 38-42 lbs. I’m currently right at 34 lbs gained with about 9 or 10 days maximum to go before I deliver.

I don’t have any special cravings, aversions, or anything crazy like that. I’m planning on doing a whole post highlighting my pregnancy diet because I do get a few questions on that.

We do have a name picked out, and on Monday we are going to tour the hospital we are delivering at (it is a brand new hospital, my two other boys delivered at the old hospital). Things are getting SO REAL.

As you guys know I keep it real with everything…weight gain, how I’m really feeling, and even this photo below. I don’t love it because I am getting so swollen and big but it is REAL and thats what counts.


Things still on my checklist: (in bold are items I plan on sharing on the blog with you all!!)

-Finish packing hospital bag (I’ve ordered everythng I need, I just need it to come in!!)
-Move my youngest across to his new big boy room

-Bring down all my baby clothes
-Bring down baby gear (will have hubby do this when we get home)
-Do some meal planning and freezing of recipes (my goal will be to have 5-6 meals for the first couple weeks)
-Stock up at Trader Joes

And now, before I share my third trimester workouts, In honor of ALMOST being out of maternity clothes (can I get a heckkkkk ya?!!!) I wanted to share some athleisure picks of mine that I am totally coveting right now!!!

Saturday Sale: Activewear for the New Year!

Keep in mind all the Old Navy gear is either 20% off additionally, or there is a flash sale price for today- like either $7, 12 or 15!!! Hurry and snag your goods now!!!

This grey pullover is so cute, versatile and is $22 w/ an additional 20% off! | These compression legging are $12. Love the colorblock! | Under $20 for these fun leggings | I am so obssessed with EVERY version of these tanks and they are legit $7!! And add another 20% …are you kidding me?? | Cute cropped top to wear with high rise leggings | Love me some mesh high rise tights and for the price you can’t beat it! | Another pair of compression tight! Love the floral print of these | Cozy wrap to wear over your tank or top to and from your workout | Basic tank | Moto legging for the win | Lululemon scarf for under $30! | I have been in love with this lululemon hat and its finally on sale! | I love the length of these lulu shorts and they are on sale for under $40! |This gym bag from Athleta is so unique and on sale…NEED!!! | Shimmer tight on sale from Athleta…yessss | I love the hot pink of these tights and on sale! | I have these Athleta tights and LOVE them. The colors, and print! On sale. ALSO THEY HAVE A POCKET!!! #winning. Can’t wait to wear them after the bump!!

Third Trimester Workout Update:

29 weeks: (+27 lb)

Sunday: 3 mile run; 9:32 /mile
Monday: Lower Lift
Tuesday: 30 min lift, 1.5 mile walk
Wednesday: off-tons of walking in NYC
Thursday: 4 mile run in NYC; 10:03/mile
Friday: 30 min elliptical
Saturday: off

30 weeks: (+29 lb)

Sunday: Run 3 miles, 9:34/mile
Monday: Lower lift, 25 min walk
Tuesday: 3 miles, 9:34/mile
Wednesday: 3 mile run, 9:39/mile
Thursday: Upper lift, 15 min walk
Friday: 3.3 mile run, 10:14/mile. 30 min lower lift.
Saturday: off

31 weeks: +29 lbs

Sunday: off
Monday: 3 mile run, 9:55/mile
Tuesday: 30 min elliptical
Wednesday: lower lift, 2 mile run
Thursday: 35 min swim
Friday:2 mile walk, lower lift
Saturday: off

32 Weeks: +30 lbs

Sunday: 3 mile run 9:34/mile
Monday: 3 mile, 9:47/mile , 30 min lift
Tuesday: 2.5 mile walk
Wednesday: 35 min elliptical, 30 min lift
Thursday: 30 min walk, lower lift
Friday: 2 mile walk
Saturday: stroller run, 3 miles. both boys! 11:24/mile

33 weeks: (+30 lb)

Sunday: off
Monday: 40 min swim
Tuesday 30 min lift
Wednesday: 3 miles, 9:49/mile
Thursday: Lift
Friday: 3 miles, 10:40/mile
Saturday: 3 mile walk

34 weeks (+31 lbs)

Sunday: 3 miles, 11:16/mile
Monday: 3 mile walk
Tuesday: 35 min elliptical, 25 min lift
Wednesday: 35 min swim
Thursday: 3 mile run, 11:40/mile
Friday: 2 mile walk
Saturday: Off

35 weeks: (+31 lbs)

Sunday: off
Monday: 30 min swim
Tuesday: 2 mile walk
Wednesday: 30 min walk, 35 min swim
Thursday: off
Friday: 40 min swim
SaturdayL off

36 weeks:( +33.5 lbs)

Sunday: 2.5 miles, 11:46/mile LAST RUN!!!
Monday: 30 min swim
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 35 min swim
Thursday: 35 min elliptical, lower lift
Friday: 35 min swim
Saturday: off

37 weeks: (+34 lbs)

Sunday: off
Monday: 40 min elliptical, 30 min lift
Tuesday : 40 min lift, 2.25 mile walk
Wednesday: 40 min swim
Thursday: 2.17 mile walk
Friday: 30 min swim

Have a great weekend everyone! xo


Friday Free For All

Hey everyone! Wow..its friday and its SEPTEMBER. Bring on the cardigans, booties, chunky sweaters, and thick socks. I swear that every month I'm like "omg, I can't believe it's already ___" And this month is no exception. How is it almost FALL already? It's somehow shocking to me (still lol) how fast time can go.

                                                            Hellooooo September!!!

                                                            Hellooooo September!!!

Last year at this time I was just flat out scared. totally. absolutely. scared. I had no idea what was coming my way with adding little Seb into our family. I'm really looking forward to this fall. The hardest days are in the past (well at least in terms of sheer exhaustion and lack of sleep), and I'm looking forward to embracing the routine of school starting the week of the 11th for Max. He'll start going 3 mornings a week and while I love my time with him, I know how important it is for him to feel comfortable away from his "safe place" at home. He's definitely a shy boy and is super attached so getting out in a school and socialization environment is great for him. Also, I'm going to embrace having mornings on my own to spend some time with my almost one year old ...(tear). 

Easy Breakfast

With the 1st day of school quickly approaching next week after labor day for kids in our area, I thought I would share one of my go-to quick but healthy breakfasts. This is an awesome one for hectic mornings especially the first few weeks of school when everyone is still adjusting to a routine. All you need is any kind of bread that you (or your child likes), a cup, and an egg! To make the "gas-house egg," grab your bread and a small cup (Your kids cups are perfect- you don't want the hole too large). Press down into the bread making a circular indent enough to take the indent out of the bread. Next, place the bread on the pan. Crack the egg in the open, circular area and cook to desired liking and flip. I also place the small circular piece in the pan so it gets a little toasted. My boys like it when I add jam to the toast when its finished cooking, but you can add whatever you want (peanut butter, butter) or nothing at all if you like a nice runny egg to dip your toasted egg in! There's something about the way this tastes cooked inside the bread that is just super tasty! Protein & carbs to keep you and your little ones going all morning, all in one shot! 

                                                                  The final product!!!

                                                                  The final product!!!

Bobs Double Stroller

If you follow me on instagram, you probably have seen my post on the Bobs double stroller. I have had the Bob single running stroller ever since Max was 9 or 10 months old and have loved it. Ever since Seb was "of age" to take a run, I've been eyeing the double stroller but the price always stopped me in my tracks. I thought that someone, SOMEWHERE would be wanting to offload theirs and I could get a used one? Please? Someone? .....Anyway weeks turned into months and I honestly could not find a used one for under $300 or $350 which I thought was completely outrageous. Fast forward to last week. I'm just done. Done having to rely on other people to get my cardio in and at this point in time, a lot of the time I'm still up once a night, so waking up at 5 am to run just isn't going to happen. The Double runner was my answer. 

SO.  I went to buy buy baby over the weekend to "test" the double out. I was honestly worried that maybe it would be too tough to push with the two boys in it? Anyway, I went to the store with the mindset that I would just have a look at it and keep waiting for A. a huge sale or B. a used one, if I liked how it moved.

                                Testing the BOB Double stroller out in store. They look thrilled! Ha!

                                Testing the BOB Double stroller out in store. They look thrilled! Ha!

I LOVED HOW IT MOVED, guys. So I'm sure you can finish the story for me. I BOUGHT IT. But- the catch is I got it for 15% off PLUS another 20% off.. #WINNING. Best thing I ever did. I am such a big proponent of online shopping but sometimes it sure does pay to go to actual stores. 

I would definitely recommend the stroller to anyone who runs consistently during the week and has two little ones. It glides and is super easy to run with. I was pleasantly suprised that my splits weren't much different than with the single! And yeah, when anyone asks me about my stroller I'll definitely be bragging not only about my mileage, but how cheap I got it for :) 

Hope you all have an amazing labor day weekend :)