Welcome to peanut butter blondie.

I’m Alex, 32 year old peanut butter lover, living in New York. Many may know me as a former professional soccer player, soccer coach, trainer, or entrepreneur. 

My most important titles though by far are wife and mommy. To describe me in one sentence would be lover of family, friends, fitness, fashion & of course…good {clean} food to which this blog is dedicated to. 

Life is crazy, hectic, chaotic, fun, and beautiful as a mommy…I’m so glad you could join me on this ride…..

Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

Why this blog? 
You’re probably looking at this blog thinking…how on earth can someone who played at the division 1 collegiate level and played professional womens soccer understand the average American female challenges with fitness, nutrition and body image? Well, I can’t gloss over the road to becoming that athlete. It was a lot of hard work, discipline and really devoting most of my life for those years to achieve my dreams and goals. I’m a driven person and wanted to play at that level more than anything. 

Newsflash: I’m not that same person. I’m a mom. I have limited time. I have sleepless nights. I gained 35 pounds. I gave birth and looked at my stomach like {{what is that lump of dough}} a day after giving birth to my sweet boy. I breastfed. Three times a night. For 9 months {{what’s sleeping through the night??!!}} My body changed. I have dark circles under my eyes and some days I have about 3 seconds to get ready for the day before I’m wanted or needed. Solo bathroom trips don’t exist. Life used to revolve around training, now it revolves around my son. My mental toughness has a softer edge to it. Life has changed. 

Transitioning from pro athlete to mom was really difficult. I wasn’t ready to be pregnant {{oops}} and I had just finished up my best season after my team won the Regular season championship in 2013 and made the championship match. I was devastated that I wouldn’t be able to play and had no idea how I would manage the businesses we run along, coach, with being a mom….I coulden’t even fathom trying to play pro soccer while being a mom doing all of those things. I stayed as fit as possible and eat healthy during my pregnancy regardless. Some days I felt good. Others not so good. I ended up having a c-section which put me on the shelf 6 weeks. After 6 weeks I was cleared to exercise. I started with light aqua jogging in the water. 2 days later my incision opened. I coulden’t believe it. I just wanted to feel like myself again. Finally, when I was officially healed up about 12 weeks post pregnancy I took my first run. And what a run that was. Most. Humbling. Moment. Ever. It was an 11 ½ minute mile that I ran/walk. My first interval of “running” was basically run 10 yards..walk 10 yards {{repeat}}. Because that is all I could do. I had horrible cramp, could barely breathe and my legs hurt like never before. Probably the most humbling moment of my life.

So..I am telling you I have been there. I have been 30-35 pounds bigger and uncomfortable with who I am and where I am at. I had to start from ground zero. Yeah, it hurt. Yeah, at times I wanted to give up. But I had to do It for myself, for my son, for my husband, for all of the athletes that watched me play and that I now coach. I knew I had a better me in there and I just had to pull it out one day at a time. 

So I get it. It’s hard finding the time to look & feel your best 24/7 in between the carpools, soccer games, dance recitals, work meetings and family functions. I can’t wait to share with you how I try (cross it out) to manage it all with nutrition help/recipes, and fashion tips and deals {{who doesn’t love a look for less?!!}}

Like I said, life has changed. But I still love fashion. I still love looking put together and expressing myself through clothes whether its over the knee boots or my high top nikes. I still love to cook and eat clean. Most importantly I still want to be fit, look and feel great about myself so that I can be there for my family.

Here’s to fusing fitness, food and fashion in one little place…peanut butter blondie. 


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