Meal Plan Monday: 3/4/19

Meal Plan Monday-3/4/19


Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!

Hope you all had a good weekend.. mine was pretty low key including grocery shopping, family time and some walks outside ... oh and a MIA step 2 car... if you saw my insta stories you know what I’m talking about!

I headed into work for a few hours yesterday and am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I also had my first workout and it felt AMAZING.

1st workout in the books!

1st workout in the books!

I wanted to share this weeks recipes and a recap from last week. We really liked the seasoning that I had last week for salmon and I TOTALLY recommend it! Awesome on salmon!! You can purchase it below.

Paul Prudhomme Seafood Magic

The stir fry recipe was a win- I would definitely make it again! It’s linked here.

I saw basically ZERO movement in the scale this past week.. however yesterday I was able to fit in size 25 Madewell jeans so I’ll chalk that up as a win (one size up from pre-pregnancy). Sometimes you don’t necessary see movement in the scale; but in how you look, feel and how things are fitting! Now that I am officially cleared I know I’ll ((slowly)) make more progress!

This weeks recipe lineup is as follows:

Monday: Sunbasket stir fry-See photo. It was so good.


Tuesday - Lamb tacos (Sunbasket) A note on this meal: Lamb isn’t something we eat a ton of but I do like it through the sunbasket meals. It tends to be with Greek recipes and I love the seasonings they send for the recipe. I’m all about variety for dinner (usually dinner and lunch I stick to the basics) and we enjoy this every one in awhile! I’ll post a photo tonight of the finished product!

FYI- we use Sunbasket probably 3/4 weeks and we love it. It changes things up, is a great service, is healthy, and is great portion control!! Because it is a serving size for 2 (you can pick for 2, or for a family) I usually don’t involve the kids in the meals. Sometimes for a pasta dish I do but generally I use these meals in the beginning of the week when my husband works late and misses dinner with the kids anyway.

For those interested you can use my code to save money on your first order with Sunbasket!

Use this code:

Wednesday- chicken cordon blue via skinny taste. And of course I always use Sahlens Deli Ham! This is a super easy to make meal and a lot of times I make it ahead of time and put it in the fridge so it’s ready for the oven when I need it to be- because sometimes as you all know.. babies get hungry at the most in opportune times! Lol. I really recommend this recipe and have been making it for the last 2 years or so.

Thursday: My hot chicken recipe (linked here) If you haven’t tried this…this should be on your menu for next week!!


Friday: I’m trying this chicken tzaziki recipe from skinny taste. I’ll let you know how it is!!!

Be sure to follow along this week as I hit the weights and the streets for my first run since .. DECEMBER!!

Have a great day!


Postpartum Food Plan: Trader Joe's Haul & What my Meal Prep is

“Fourth Trimester” Meal planning!


Outfit details: Coat | Similar coat | Boots | Sweater | Socks | Hat/gloves (sold out, keep an eye out for restock) | Leggings non maternity version | Similar sweater | Similar Sweater

Today feels like the monday of all mondays!! Had a horrible nights sleep (thanks preggo insomnia!!) which led me to oversleep, woke up to a freezing house and no power for 3 + hours…and then realized when I got to work I lost part of my car key!! Ouch! Rough start.


Hope you all had a great weekend. I feel like I got soooo much done and I’m feeling so much better with where I’m at REGARDLESS of this morning LOL. Rooms are organized, baby clothes washed, most of my maternity clothes are in bags ready to be donated, and my hospital bag/diaper bag is ((almost))packed.

I wanted to share how I’m approaching food in the immediate 3-4 weeks postpartum (no doubt the hardest period…well..every stage is hard but that is the hardest!!). Obviously I will have help but I do 90% of the cooking in our house so I want to be sure that I have fast, somewhat healthy items readily accessible at my finger tips because life is gonna be reallllll busy with three little boys 4 & under.


I don’t generally go to Trader Joe’s on a regular basis (strictly due to time) but I went there last njight to grab some items. I really love their frozen meals/veggie dishes that you can easily throw a lean protein in with and call it a meal! I definitely don’t plan on eating those every night but I stocked up on some so 1-2 nights a week we can lean on those to get us through the “fourth trimester”. I’ll also be sharing what I stocked up from BJ’s and Wegmans, and some freezer meals that I want (and hopefully will have time) to make in the next few days.


Trader Joe’s Haul

So a few things before I list all of this…everything I bought was to try and make things easier for us during this period while still trying to maintain somewhat healthy eating habits. Also, I know some people might look down on frozen veggies, but they are actually just as good as fresh (if not better sometimes) because they are frozen right away and maintain their nutrients! I prefer fresh but when you have a newborn wanting to nurse 24-7 you gotta do what you gotta do!

  1. Seafood Paella- I haven’t tried this but hubby loves Paella so I snagged it.

  2. Their Veggie stir fried rices are AWESOME. These make a great quick lunch or dinner. You can add egg, or shrimp or chicken. I’ve added frozen shrimp in the past and its been so good.

  3. I snagged the chicken stir fried rice just because the veggie one was so good in the past.

  4. I bought this Pad Thai a few months ago and it was good-I added chicken!

  5. I bought this fusilli with veggies and basil for the boys. I thought it was a good change up from the usual plain whole wheat pasta I get them and easy for me to make.

  6. Fast breakfast for the kids if things are hectic- Toaster waffles.

  7. I haven’t tried this one yet but this stir fry looks awesome!

  8. More noodles for the boys-veggie tri color

  9. My hubby loves a good muesli so i snagged this one for him.

    Wegmans & BJ’s

Next: essentials from Wegmans and BJ’s. I have a membership at BJ’s (i totally recommend it if you have multiple kids!) and grabbed some things there to try to plan for quick, healthy eating. I also buy Club Pack’s at Wegmans so i here are snacks/foods I’m stocking up on for the 4th trimester.


-Wegmans Family Pack Wild Caught Salmon (these actually taste really good for being frozen)
-Eggs (can be eaten at any meal!)
-Yogurt (Chobani from BJ’s)
-Apples -5 lb bag from BJ’s
-Alexia Sweet potato fries in bulk from BJ’s (great side to any lean meat/fish you are serving)
-Chivettas BBQ (big container from BJ’s)-we still grill this time of year and its a fast, healthy meal.
-At Wegman’s I snag any meat thats on sale and freeze it to save for a later date

Freezer Meals

The freezer meals I plan on making the meat/veggies and then freezing it (my hubby can make the rest of it!-all of the recipes from my site are linked here)

  1. Burrito Bowl- I cook the meat and veggies and freeze. That way all we have to do is warm and add fajita sauce and we are good to go!

  2. Bolognase- Make the meat and veggies and freeze-same as above. Add red sauce and some pasta or zucchini noodles and we are good to go

  3. Turkey Meatballs- I already have this frozen and ready to go! Just add pasta (for the kids) or zucchini noodles for us and we are good to go!

  4. Turkey Chili

  5. I have 2 meals from sunbasket coming this week that I’ll be making and storing for when I get home from the hospital or freezing!

I would loved to have had more time to make more and freeze it, but I think this will set us up for at least the first few weeks!! Fingers crossed.

Have a great day! xo