Thursday Thoughts 6/1/17

Hi everyone! Happy June! Hope you are all having an awesome {{shortened}} week! YASS to 4 day weeks! :) I had a quiet memorial day as my oldest was away with my parents at the races and hubby was away coaching. Let's talk about how EASY one kid is! I feel like I got so much done! Laundry, organizing, cleaning, down time and even some quiet time. 

I took Sebby to the grocery store, {{and because for once in my life I wasn't in a complete rush}} ALSO...sans car seat! Things will now be 83984542 times easier {and lighter} without lugging a car seat into said store. YASSSS. I grabbed some new items at the store...and I'm obsessed. First things first- the HERO bar. Literally tastes LIKE a candy bar. But isnt! Definitely try out Quest's newest amazing invention. husband is obsessed with ThinkThin's flavored oatmeal. I can't break away from my plain quaker oats with Peanut butter mixed in, but he SWEARS by the flavors he has tried. I guess it changes things up for him. Anyway, I was browsing at Wegmans and found ThinkThin Unwrapped Protein Bites (I chose peanut butter flavor of course). I decided to try them out. These are *awesome* when you need a quick snack..with only 170 cals, 22 g carbs for 8 pieces and 10 grams protein you can't go wrong!

Lastly. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to try Halo Top. Guys. This was so so good. I have been eating Arctic Zero the last 2 years, I can honestly say that the texture of Halo Top tastes so much more like ice cream than Arctic Zero. I snagged the vanilla and mixed it with..yes..of course PB. With only 240 cals for the entire pint..makes you feel a little less guilty for treating yourself! 

                                                                        Halo Top...definitely going to try this flavor! 

                                                                        Halo Top...definitely going to try this flavor! 

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend...xo