37 weeks, Third Trimester Workouts & Athleisure Sale picks!

37 Week Bumpdate & Third Trimester Workouts!


Hey all! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Hard to believe I have less than 2 weeks left of pregnancy! As I’m sure some of you saw, I shared that I went for my last pregnancy run a few weeks ago. I wanted to keep you all updated with what I’ve been doing workout wise the last 8-10 weeks as I finish my third trimester. I’ve definitely been doing a lot of walking, swimming, and elliptical since I’ve stopped running 2 weeks ago. I’ve been still getting some accessory work in the gym in, but only about twice a week.

December was pretty rough for me, I’m not going to lie. Both of my kids started off the month being sick, which then turned into back-to-back ear infections that basically lasted all the way until Christmas. At least one of the boys was sick (sometimes both) between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Any parent knows it is so hard to see their child not feeling well, especially for long periods of time. My little guy was so sick for a good 10 days and then had an ear infection that took two rounds of antibiotics! It was so stressful, I felt so bad. To top it it off it was around the holidays with so much to do, and being so pregnant.

I was exhausted. I definitely went through a period where I felt so much pressure from the baby, a few contractions and just felt so run down and in a lot of pain. This also coincided with when my husband was away for work for 4 days..because…why woulden’t it? LOL. #typical

When your kids are sick they can be ((even more )) so demanding and every ounce of your energy goes towards trying to make them feel as comfortable as possible. I know for a fact that the reason why I felt so horrible and run down was because of the stress of the boys being sick, being up at night with them, dr’s appointments, and just being on demand 24-7 even more so than a normal mommin day!

Other than that, I’m definitely feeling alllll of the last month feels. Heavy, pressure, so SWOLLEN…. nothing fits…SLEEP has been absolutely HORRIBLE. My hips ache, my back from the way I’m sleeping no matter how many pillows I use. And if I happen to be comfortably, I am up with preggo insomnia! I can’t win! LOL!!

Up until about 31 or 32 weeks, I felt really good (as evidenced by my workouts). You’ll be able to see the trend of when I started to not feel as good and my workouts trail off, or lessen in intensity/speed.

Weight wise I’m on track to gain similar amount to what i gained with my first (between 30-35 lbs. With my second I gained a little bit more, closer to 38-42 lbs. I’m currently right at 34 lbs gained with about 9 or 10 days maximum to go before I deliver.

I don’t have any special cravings, aversions, or anything crazy like that. I’m planning on doing a whole post highlighting my pregnancy diet because I do get a few questions on that.

We do have a name picked out, and on Monday we are going to tour the hospital we are delivering at (it is a brand new hospital, my two other boys delivered at the old hospital). Things are getting SO REAL.

As you guys know I keep it real with everything…weight gain, how I’m really feeling, and even this photo below. I don’t love it because I am getting so swollen and big but it is REAL and thats what counts.


Things still on my checklist: (in bold are items I plan on sharing on the blog with you all!!)

-Finish packing hospital bag (I’ve ordered everythng I need, I just need it to come in!!)
-Move my youngest across to his new big boy room

-Bring down all my baby clothes
-Bring down baby gear (will have hubby do this when we get home)
-Do some meal planning and freezing of recipes (my goal will be to have 5-6 meals for the first couple weeks)
-Stock up at Trader Joes

And now, before I share my third trimester workouts, In honor of ALMOST being out of maternity clothes (can I get a heckkkkk ya?!!!) I wanted to share some athleisure picks of mine that I am totally coveting right now!!!

Saturday Sale: Activewear for the New Year!

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Third Trimester Workout Update:

29 weeks: (+27 lb)

Sunday: 3 mile run; 9:32 /mile
Monday: Lower Lift
Tuesday: 30 min lift, 1.5 mile walk
Wednesday: off-tons of walking in NYC
Thursday: 4 mile run in NYC; 10:03/mile
Friday: 30 min elliptical
Saturday: off

30 weeks: (+29 lb)

Sunday: Run 3 miles, 9:34/mile
Monday: Lower lift, 25 min walk
Tuesday: 3 miles, 9:34/mile
Wednesday: 3 mile run, 9:39/mile
Thursday: Upper lift, 15 min walk
Friday: 3.3 mile run, 10:14/mile. 30 min lower lift.
Saturday: off

31 weeks: +29 lbs

Sunday: off
Monday: 3 mile run, 9:55/mile
Tuesday: 30 min elliptical
Wednesday: lower lift, 2 mile run
Thursday: 35 min swim
Friday:2 mile walk, lower lift
Saturday: off

32 Weeks: +30 lbs

Sunday: 3 mile run 9:34/mile
Monday: 3 mile, 9:47/mile , 30 min lift
Tuesday: 2.5 mile walk
Wednesday: 35 min elliptical, 30 min lift
Thursday: 30 min walk, lower lift
Friday: 2 mile walk
Saturday: stroller run, 3 miles. both boys! 11:24/mile

33 weeks: (+30 lb)

Sunday: off
Monday: 40 min swim
Tuesday 30 min lift
Wednesday: 3 miles, 9:49/mile
Thursday: Lift
Friday: 3 miles, 10:40/mile
Saturday: 3 mile walk

34 weeks (+31 lbs)

Sunday: 3 miles, 11:16/mile
Monday: 3 mile walk
Tuesday: 35 min elliptical, 25 min lift
Wednesday: 35 min swim
Thursday: 3 mile run, 11:40/mile
Friday: 2 mile walk
Saturday: Off

35 weeks: (+31 lbs)

Sunday: off
Monday: 30 min swim
Tuesday: 2 mile walk
Wednesday: 30 min walk, 35 min swim
Thursday: off
Friday: 40 min swim
SaturdayL off

36 weeks:( +33.5 lbs)

Sunday: 2.5 miles, 11:46/mile LAST RUN!!!
Monday: 30 min swim
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 35 min swim
Thursday: 35 min elliptical, lower lift
Friday: 35 min swim
Saturday: off

37 weeks: (+34 lbs)

Sunday: off
Monday: 40 min elliptical, 30 min lift
Tuesday : 40 min lift, 2.25 mile walk
Wednesday: 40 min swim
Thursday: 2.17 mile walk
Friday: 30 min swim

Have a great weekend everyone! xo


Pregnancy Workouts/Update: Weeks 8-12

Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Here is a little Pregnancy update of weeks 8, 9, 10 & 11. The struggle. was. so. real. So tired. But now so HAPPY to be out of that first trimester. Trying to catch up a little bit blogging as I didn't share with everyone until week 12 that we were expecting. Coming next week will be week 12, 13, 14, 15. I'll be 16 weeks on Sunday. Below you will see a photo collage. I promised myself that I would do a weekly photo. I saw a pregnant {{fit}} woman do hers in her bathing suit and it really was incredible watching how the female body transforms. Not just the stomach area-she was so lean to start and her legs, arms, stomach all gained to support the life growing inside of her.

And as amazing {{and hard}} as the whole process is, I wanted to do this to show that these changes happen to everyone, even fit mommies like me who eat pretty well and work out during pregnancy! So I'm embracing it this time around because I'm creating something special :) Please keep any comments positive especially as this mama gets bigger! 

Also coming next week is an awesome healthier option to CHICKEN WINGS..yes. Wings. Pretty sure I bleed Frank's Red hot sauce and am obsessed with it --even more so than normal during this pregnancy. So keep an eye out for next weeks posts! So yummy!! 

Enjoy and thanks for joining me on this journey...



                 From top left to bottom right starting with week 5 and ending with week 12. Can definitely see a difference everywhere! 

                 From top left to bottom right starting with week 5 and ending with week 12. Can definitely see a difference everywhere! 

Week 8:

How have you been feeling? So. stinking. Tired. I mean you guys. I feel like I can’t even move in the morning.

Do you have morning sickness? No

Do you have any cravings? I’m really enjoying cheese and bread at the moment. Those are two thijngs I didn’t really eat a lot of when I was leaning out …so just living a little :)

Do you have any food aversions? YES. I cannot believe that my go- to breakfast item of oatmeal mixed with peanut butter is totally turning me off! It is crazy! The smell of it makes me want to vom.

Weight gain so far? +3 pound

Any mood swings? Ask my husband. Ha ha!

 Sleep: has been amazing! Can’t get enough.

Stretch marks: no

Clothing: Still wearing my normal gear

Rings: ON

Movement: none yet

Strarting to show? No..just looks like I have a beer gut after dinner.

Boy or girl: I’m thinking team blue right now!

Random thought of the week: Everyone at my OB coulden’t stop talking about how surprised they were to see me back again - ha ha! I was a tough nugget that first 6 months when I was pregnant with M... Ha

Weekly Workout schedule:

Sunday: Had a great run. 7:57, 7:38, 7:23 and 7:18 were my mile splits.

Monday: Lower Lift

Tuesday: Soccer workout –about 45 minutes. Mostly stop and go, agility but everything at about 75-80% maximum effort. I just cruise J

Wednesday: Upper Lift

Thursday: 4.5 miles in central park.. I’m in love with that place. 8:10, 7:54, 8:04, 8:09 and 8:26 splits.

Friday: Off—tons of walking …like over 20k steps in the city

Saturday: off

 9 weeks

How have you been feeling?And the fatigue continues. Starting to get really tempted to have a nap.  And work has been super stressful so that has made it tough.

 Do you have morning sickness? No

Do you have any cravings? CARBS.  

Do you have any food aversions? Totally made a crockpot meal for the two of us this week and the smell of it…I just could not eat it. I had to make something else for myself.

Weight gain so far? +3 pounds  (same as last week)

Any mood swings? I think I’ve been pretty cool.  

Sleep: Has been great other than the fact that I wake at 4 or 5 am STARVING and need to go down stairs and eat. For those of you who have been pregnant, you know the type of hunger I’m talking about. This isn’t the kind you can brush off. This is like a never -going -back -to -sleep till I eat again.  

Stretch marks: no

Clothing: Still wearing my normal gear

Rings: ON

Movement: none yet

Starting to show? Starting to get thicker but only changes I would notice

Boy or girl: I’m thinking team blue right now!

Random thoughts this week: The pasta that I had when I went out to eat was divine. :P See above in cravings


Sunday: FELT AWESOME. 3 mile run and just felt so good. Like I was just cruising. 7:15, 7;20 and the last mile I totally tanked. Was breathing too hard, going uphill for almost a whole ½ mile and had to slow myself down. But I was still stoked about how I felt for a majority of the run.

Monday: Lower Lift

Tuesday: 3.34 miles with Max in the stroller. Let me just tell you how much harder of a workout this is with the running stroller!! 8:39, 8:20, 8:34, 8:26 splits. I felt tired, fatigued. Usually the day after a lower lift is pretty tough. But I got it in.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 30 min elliptical

Friday: Lower Lift

Saturday: 3.4 mile run again with Max in the stroller. 8:36, 8:28, 8:28, 8:20 splits

10 weeks

How have you been feeling? I final caved for a minimum of 2 naps this week. When M went to sleep, so did I. Unfortunately I am only home 2-3 times a week when he naps- if I was home every day, I would probably have napped every day. Motivation this week to exercise was tough but I ALWAYS felt better after the fact {{read:more energy}} and never regret getting out there.

Do you have morning sickness?No

Do you have any cravings? Fruits and can I tell you how much I love siggis yogurt right now?

Do you have any food aversions? This week it was the crockpot rotisserie chicken that literally I had to force feed myself. Even salads I’ve had to get really creative with just to get them in my system

Weight gain so far? +2 (5 total)

Any mood swings? Feeling ok emotionally

Sleep:  Naps, night time sleep..give me more! 

Stretch marks: no

Clothing: Still wearing my normal gear

Rings: ON

Movement: none yet

Starting to show? Starting to pop out a little bit more now but definitely not “showing” 

Boy or girl: I’m thinking team blue right now!

Random thoughts: Another dr apt…does anyone else hate how they bring up “birth plans” and child labor at like week 10? C’mon Doc. Give me a little time. Legit have PTSD thinking about that ish.

Weekly Workouts:

Sunday: 6 x400m , 90 seconds each. 2 minute rest in between. (Normally I would do these at about 80-84 and at my best 72-76.)

Monday- lower lift

Tuesday- off

Wednesday-Upper lift. 15 minute interval bike ride 30 seconds “fast”, 1 min recovery/slow

Thursday:  soccer workout – 45 mins

Friday: lower lift

Saturday: 8:16, 8:20, 8:41, 8:45. Felt tired.


Week 11:

How have you been feeling? Starting to feel less tired! Hallelujah! 

Do you have morning sickness?No

Do you have any cravings?  Judging by the disgusting amount of candy I eat on Easter Sunday, I would have to say sweets? LOL.

Do you have any food aversions? None other than the usuals I’ve mentioned

Weight gain so far? +1 (6 total)

Any mood swings? Other than my eaters remorse..I think I was a happy camper

Sleep: sleeping good

Stretch marks: no

Clothing: Still wearing my normal gear

Rings: ON

Movement: none yet

Starting to show? Getting there..

Boy or girl: I’m thinking team blue right now!

Weekly workout:

Sunday: off

Monday: 4 X800s : 3:25, 3:27, 3:30, 3:30. Normally I would do these in 3-3;3:10 and at top fitness level 2:50-3 minutes. 3 min rest in between each

Tuesday:Soccer workout

Wednesday: Soccer Workout

Thursday: Upper lift

Friday: lower lift

Saturday: 4 mile run *;34, 8:35, 8:05, 8:00 and 7:58 splits. Got a second wind halfway through somehow!

Sunday: 5 mile run –should have been a day off but easter Sunday was so gorgeous. 68 and sunny…in March! So I went for it. 8:07, 8:02, 7:55, 8:05, 8:23 splits.


Until next time...