Change, 38 weeks Pregnant & Saturday Spotlight

38 weeks Pregnant….Change….& Saturday Spotlight


Change. The only thing that is constant in life.

I just dropped the boys off at the airport and I was literally dying inside. All thats been on my mind the last few days is how different everything is going to be when they get back. I’ve been trying to soak in my mornings with Seb while Max is at school, family dinners and breakfasts…ahhhh. Not going to lie, pretty much in tears when I went to the car. Knowing the changes ahead of us, that nothing will be the same, how did this all go so fast??! I know they’re going to have a blast (my oldest was up at 5:20 am ready to go LOL) but its never easy in these moments knowing tons of changes are coming your way. I’m so excited; yet scared, anxious, sad, so many emotions. Here’s to our new normal of a family of 5!

That’s not to say a small part of me is basking in the fact that In the next few days I don’t need to bend over with my huge bump 83939 times a day to change diapers…or pick up toys, put toys together lol, put shoes, coats, gloves, on/take off my toddler, etc. haha.

Or the fact that I’m on no timeline. WHAT? I don’t have to be home at a certain time for the kids or bring them everywhere. So foreign to me.

But still….miss them so much already.

6 am bright and early ready for sunshine and Mickey Mouse with their grandparents!!!!

6 am bright and early ready for sunshine and Mickey Mouse with their grandparents!!!!

So…for now I’m going to distract myself with a fun post about my 10 faves of the week!

Saturday Spotlight

things I’m loving right now….

  1. DYSON BLOWDRYER. Um yes. Yall. This is life changing. I have super thick hair and I swear I put off my whole hair washing process till the last possible moment cause it takes forrrrever. And also #momlife and I’m slightly lazy abt it haha. I got the dyson blowdryer for Christmas (just the basic one) and honestly I can’t say enough about it. I know its a huge investment…but if you have thick hair and are super busy (who isn’t??!!) you need this. Also, if you have to wash your hair a lot (like every day), it is a must have. This blowdryer has made my hair way softer than my old dryer, my blowout lasts longer and honestly it is SO quiet and dries my hair in like 5 minutes (and I have sooo much hair).

2. I love this Gleaming Heart Roadtrip sweater for Valentines Day and its almost 50% on the rack!

3. This Topshop Belted dress has been on my wishlist for like…weeks now and its under $50

4. This Abercrombie Long Turtleneck sweater is 50% and comes in a ton of colors…

5. This purple pom beanie from Abercombie is so stinking cute and unique and the price is SO good.

6. I’m a sucker for stripes and need to snag a few of these AERIE striped tees for postpartum and layering.

7. Isle of Paradise Self Tanner: I have super fair skin and love to have color. I was never good at finding a good self tanner. Over the last year I’ve liked the Josie Maran Argan Gold but it does get on your clothes/sheets after application if you go to bed after and I wish it lasted longer. Enter Isle of Paradise tanning water (or the drops I heard are really good). I AM OBSESSED. It doesn’t leave any residue on my sheets after application, its SUPER Dark, lasts for 3-5 days, doesn’t come off on my clothes and it has a slight smell but honestly the next day I can’t even smell it. It took me one application to figure out how to use it and make sure it was even. All of my posts lately I’ve had it on. Its a MUST. FYI I use Dark.

8. The double up Ardell lashes are my new fave- add soooo much volume!

9. This Jcrew factory pom hat is GOALS. Can you tell I love my winter hats? Also comes in black/pink!!

10. I’m on the hunt for nursing friendly clothes and this ruffle trim wrap top from Jcrew factory is perfect…and feminine. I also love their tissue turtlenecks. Save 50% off on 2 or more items, 60% off on 3 or more items, and 70% off 4 or more items from clearance!! YAS.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.



Travel While Pregnant & @ShopPinkBlush #shoppinkblush #prettyinpinkblush

Bonjour from Paris my loves!


I am so excited to be sharing this post with you today! We have so been enjoying our “babymoon” to Paris for a quick 4/5 day trip! We honestly haven’t gotten away for more than 30 hours just the two of us so it has been absolutely amazing to relax, recharge and take in the culture & food over here in France. I’ve never been and when I was looking at flights throughout Europe 4-5 weeks ago and stumbled upon a flight to Paris for a bargain price…I was in!

Big shout out to our friend and my mom who are holding down the fort watching our two babies! This is our first ((and last)) babymoon so we wanted to make sure it was well worth it. Paris, you have NOT disappointed!

I’ve done my fair share of travel while pregnant (especially this pregnancy) so I wanted to share a few tips about traveling while pregnant! I would definitely have to say that after traveling two long haul international like flights while pregnant, and dozens of other flights across America being comfortable is KEY.

Its not easy to find great maternity clothes that are 1. Comfortable and 2. Make you feel & look great. Enter Shop Pink Blush.  I have been completely rocking their clothes this whole trip! They have cute maternity clothes for affordable pricing and totally stylish! They also have women and kids too for those who are not pregnant or nursing!!) and was SO impressed with everything I received.


My travel outfit was stylish but super comfy. I grabbed these Grey mesh Pocket cuffed Active Maternity leggings which had an over-bump panel, and side pockets (great for stashing your phone and easy access). Its hard to find good maternity travel/leisure wear without looking frumpy. When I saw this Olive Camo Print Terry hooded maternity top I absolutely had to have it-so on trend but I swear didn’t make me look pregnant at all- ha! I love how I can layer it with a tank underneath, and also a cardigan over it if the plane gets too cold! So versatile for travel which is #goals when you’re packing, am I right??!


I snagged this Button Down Maternity Midi Dress which is perfect for spring, summer, and fall and is an awesome neutral color. I love the midi length and how flattering it is! Comfortable enough to walk around all day in, but stylish enough to feel chic!


Lastly, I wanted to look good for our date nights on our trip! Any of you who know, finding things in your closet that fit you as you approach the third trimester (and third baby) are few and far between!! I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit and this Mocha Off Shoulder Maternity Wrap Jumpsuit caught my eye right away. I honestly felt like a million dollars wearing it- the fit was excellent and I feel like I can wear it all the way through full term. The color is a great neutral and can be paired with faux fur, or a cute jacket as the weather gets cooler.

For all of you expecting Mama’s that want to see more of their Maternity Clothing, click here. Don’t forget, they have an awesome Women’s line for those of you regardless of whether you are living that single life, or have a baby or toddler in tow!

In addition to packing comfortable clothes that you feel confident, some of my other tips are:

1. Hydration! Drink tons of water before, during and after your flight. You will feel better, and look better for it.

2. Get up during the plane ride: moving is so important while traveling, especially when pregnant. Keeping the blood flow during flights is crucial. I even do some calf raises in my seat, or ankle rotations, or stretches while standing.

3. When you get in, try to move, even if its just a short brisk walk. Regardless of whether you have a 1 hour flight, or a 10 hour flight getting fresh air and a little movement will help to get you back on schedule, get adjusted faster, and have a better time!

Bon weekend!