How I keep my fitness routine on family vacations

How I keep my fitness routine on family vacations


Hi friends! Coming to you LIVE from a quick little getaway in florida during our “fall recess”.

I wanted to touch base on traveling & how I fit fitness in while on vacation! Before I had kids, it was pretty easy to fit working out in while traveling! Now…it’s a whole different ball game.

Travel with kids is something I really can’t even describe! Basically, it’s the most amazing thing but also the most exhausting! You need a vacation from your vacation LOL. Just thinking about packing for a family vacation legit gives me anxiety (especially now with 3 kids lol!!). It can be really tough, especially with little ones that miss naps, and don’t understand a change in environment.

However, I can honestly assure you that taking the family vacation, however exhausting it can be, is ALWAYS worth it. It’s kind of like child birth at times…the journey to get there is supperrrr painful (read: babies screaming the whole time on the flight) but more than worth it when you smell that salty ocean air.

Speaking of prep work before a vacation…one of the biggest vaca prep I hear about is people hitting up the gym before their vacation so they look and feel great on their vacations. This is AWESOME. Motivation comes in so many different ways, and I’m cool with whatever gets you motivated to become more healthy, and fit. Motivation doesn’t always need to come from pure intention. REAL TALK: A third of my workouts are fueled by this.

BUT what happens when you get to your hotel, resort, cruise, all-inclusive? SO many drop their activity levels when they’re on vacation and let loose on their nutrition …because they’re “on vacation” or “because I deserve it”. I’m totally with you. You do deserve to live a little. BUT making sure you’re active every day during vacation can go a LONG way in continuing your progress/routine when you get back home. Half of the battle is staying on schedule throughout your vaca so that when you get home, you hit the ground running!

It can be tough especially if you don’t have help on the trip (we never usually have help or a babysitter)but IMO nothing is more important than your health!!


Here’s a few tips I try to live by when going on vacation:

1.     Research before you go: Be smart about your hotel selection. Nobody has an endless budget, but there are a lot of hotels with decent gyms. All it takes is 30 minutes to get a good sweat in. I look for hotels with 24 hour access to gyms that have free weights-there is so much you can do with those. Also, you can find a hotel that has a path nearby for running/walking, and sometimes I call ahead to see if there are side walks.

2.     BYO: Bring your own. If its impossible to find a hotel with a gym in your location/price range…Bring your own. Bands and body weight exercises can be an awesome, easy way to incorporate training. And, bands take up very little space. I also pack my own protein powder with me as well as protein bars so I’m prepared for snacks on the go! Also, running, walking (and swimming if hotel has a pool) are easy ways to get exercise.

3.     Diet: The biggest tip I could give to anyone (especially moms with kids) is stay somewhere with a fridge and microwave. This way you can store healthy snacks. Even better? Stay in a hotel with a kitchen, or rent a house. Cooking on your own isn’t very vacation like, but you would be surprised at how much healthier you eat just having breakfast and lunch at home is, then eating all three meals out. We always find hotels or apartments that have full kitchens and stock up at local grocery stores. We tend to have breakfast and lunch at home and some days cook & some days go out!

4.     Balance: Speaking of diet, balance is key. Enjoy those tacos or pizza, but the next meal balance it out with chicken or salmon. Also, using those extra carbs to fuel (and feel GREAT) is the best part of eating them. I always find my runs post pizza/pasta I feel SO good.

5.     Make the time: Its funny to think that most people make the priority when their lives are the busiest (at home, working, daily grind) BUT when they’re on vacation (and have all the time in the world) they let it all slide. There’s 24 hours in a day, and you will prioritize something if its important!

6.     Find things to do that include activity: Sure, nothing wrong with having a beach afternoon or a pool day in the shade, but there’s something to be said for exploring a new place by going on a walk, finding a local playground for the kids, looking for a hiking trail, or swimming instead of lounging. One of my favorite things to do is run in a new neighborhood/right when we get into a new hotel. You learn so much more about the area if you’re not in a car! You don’t need to be a slave to the gym on vacation! Vary up your activity.

7.     The 50-50 rule: A good way to approach vacation workouts is try to do a “workout” half of the days you’re there. The other days, be intentional about moving more. I think we can all commit to working out 3 or 4 days out of 7!!

8.     Plan to succeed: Be intentional and plan your workout with your spouse. For me personally, I love to get my work out before the kids wake (especially a run because I can literally walk out the door). Not a morning person and your kids nap? Get your workout in while they sleep.  I find if I think about when I want to get my workout in the next day based around our schedule the night before, I’m more apt to follow through. Also, when they go to bed is another time I use. There have been times I have gone to a hotel gym for 30 minutes once the kids go to bed. ALSO…if you have school age children going at a time that your kids have to do school work or reading for school is another great time to take advantage of.

9. Something I really do is try and stick to the most important parts of your diet/exercise routine. One piece that I am continuing with while on vacation is my fasting. I am counting macros, just more loosely which allows me to enjoy my vacation more. By still fasting, I know I’ll still make progress even though I’m away!

10. Lastly, don’t beat yourself up!!! If you miss a day or two, no worries!

I hope these tips help you out and keep you on track as you plan for your summer vacation! Hey