Fitbit Blaze Review

Happy Sunday everyone!

I swear I can't go a day without a fitness tracker. I have grown to love knowing how many steps, calories, what my heart rate is and how many "active minutes" I have had in a day. My favorite brand thus far has been Fitbit. I absolutely love the social interaction that comes along with it. I never could get into the "Nike points" me they were like "widgets" in economics class in college! They weren't really a real number or anything that you could really quantifiably measure. 

I started out with the Fitbit flex and moved onto the HR Charge the last year and half. I did like the Charge although I know for a fact that the accuracy was not quite where I wanted it to be. I would run 4 laps on the track (a mile) and it would only measure 3/4 of a mile. So I could never use it as my only running watch which I absolutely hated. The fact that I had to wear a GPS watch along with it if I wasn't running on a route that I knew the mileage would drive me crazy.

Great features of Charge HR: 

-Pretty accurate with steps outside of running

-Accurate resting heart rate 

-Decent Battery Life

While I did like the HR, I was ready to move on to bigger and better things. I had been eyeing up the Apple watch for quite some time but could not get past:

-The price

- The fact that you had to charge it every.single.night

-Parting with my Fitbit friends! I mean really. I have had some crazy Fitbit challenges. I am a fairly motivated person to begin with but if I ever have any "down" moments...they all pick me back up and motivate me with their steps!

-The price. I mean again. $600 and up? Please. 

The Blaze is Fitbit's latest "smart watch" and is comparable to the Apple watch. Obviously you don't have all the bells and whistles of the Apple watch but if you don't need all that, this is a great option.  It is priced at $199 and I luckily had a best buy rewards card and saved another $15 on top of the price. At first look out of the box I thought it was a little bulky. Once I put it on though I really liked the look of it. 

Fitbit Blaze Pros: 

- Its a watch. 

- Text messages come to your phone: I really like this feature as I don't always have my phone on me at home running around after M but I can stay attached if anything urgent comes up. Keep in mind your phone has to be within a certain radius- for me it usually works upstairs if my phone is downstairs to give you an idea of how close to your phone you have to be,. 

-Long battery life (vs apple watch) and easy to charge into your computer. 

-Better exercise tracking applications on it than any other Fitbit due to screen size--you can select bike, run, weighlifting, etc. 

- It's a smart watch that you can still stay connected to your Fitbit fam! 

- In my opinion, it is more accurate than the Charge HR was in terms of steps. I don't know about you guys, but I gotta get credit where credit is due #gimmethosesteps

Negatives of the FitBit Blaze: 

1. Its biggest strength is also one of its weaknesses! Its a watch. Most days I am wearing athletic gear so I don't have the need to wear a dressier watch. But I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do when I want to go out for dinner and pair my outfit with my Chanel watch. I know they have different bands that you can change out...but still. Not feeling it. Do I wear my Fitbit watch on one side and Chanel on the other? Probably not. Then what happens to my steps? Miss out on them? The struggle is real. #toocompetitive 

2. The screen isn't on all the time. To solve this you can select the setting that when you flick your wrist the screen lights up. My issue with it is I don't feel it works all the time. This is also a negative when exercising. The only time the screen comes on is A. if you touch it B. you've hit a mile marker. I constantly want to know my pace so for me that is not ideal and to constantly have to touch it drives me cray. 

3. It's not GPS enabled unless you have your phone. I usually bring my phone on a run to listen to pandora, etc. and incase of emergency so for me this isn't a deal breaker, but would love to have the option to not bring my phone! 

All in all, I really like the watch. I know there are definitely some improvements that they could make, but I think if you're looking for an affordable smart watch that is an activity tracker, this is the way to go. And if you're not ready for the smart watch, I definitely recommend going for the Fitbit flex, charge or any other models they have! You will definitely see an increase in your activity {{and decrease in your waistline}} for the better! 

If you are a Fitbit member, feel free to find me and let's become friends!